Adventures make for good stories

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Adventures well-lived can provide the raw material for good stories. But for a restless person like me, sitting down to type up the stories, culled from journals and memories, has proved less enticing than the joys of continuing adventures. Finally, I’ve sat myself down, with the intention to share the tales. With the passage of time, of course, one’s memories age, and like a fine wine, over time the essential nature of each adventure shines through the mists of passing years. These stories, as a whole, tell my life story,  and I believe they say as much about my inner transformation as they do about the experiences.

So, in a spirit of gratitude and humility, I am delighted to share these first-hand accounts of backpacking, mountaineering, and intercultural explorations on three continents. My sincerest hope is that in reading, you’ll be inspired to learn languages, explore new frontiers, appreciate natural beauty wherever you journey, and generally expand your own comfort zone.

Giving back:  A portion of the proceeds from the books and music will be donated to grassroots organizations addressing the environmental and/or social challenges in Latin America.    Thank you for your support!  ¬°Gracias por su apoyo!

Click on any title below to find a summary and some photos.

Sierra Madre Adventures: walking village to village in remote Mexico

Bamboo Jungles and Untouched Summits: exploratory mountaineering in Patagonia

Escape Artist:  Twenty years of adventures off the beaten path

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