Sierra Madre Adventures

Mexico’s Sierra Madre, in spite of its proximity to the U.S., remains a rugged, mysterious land, notorious for treasures, as well as trouble. Traveling the back roads and foot trails with Eduardo, you are likely to encounter sandal-clad cowboys, running indians, self-reliant homesteaders, mule-riding missionaries, Sunday baseball games of sawmill workers,  and maybe even outlaws!  Best to travel with a guide–someone like Eduardo–who is able to straddle the cultural divide while following the adventure trails leading through the vast barrancas. More memoir than guidebook, this collection of heartwarming, and sometimes hair-raising tales recounts ten years of freewheeling adventures: an adventureous gringo’s passion to discover the “Real Mexico.”

Mexico’s grand canyon, the mile-deep Barranca del Cobre (Copper Canyon) is a paradise for hikers.

 The soon-to-be-published book, Sierra Madre Adventures, contains stories about…

  • Backpacking expeditions in the Barranca del Cobre (Copper Canyon), sometimes called Mexico’s Grand Canyon;
  • Monsoon-season adventure descending into the canyon of Mexico’s highest waterfalls;
  • Sneaking under the radar through drug-infested foothills;
  • Searching the most remote pine forests for the Imperial, the world’s largest woodpecker;
  • Innumerable personal encounters with isolated communities of Mexicans, Mennonites, and the native Tarahumara indians of northern Mexico
  • Bonus: Climbing and exploring around several high volcanoes in southern Mexico.